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There once was a blonde speeding down the highway when suddenly she got pulled over by a blonde police woman. The police officer asks if she had been drinking' and asked to see the driver's driving license. And being a blonde, the driver asks, "What's a driving license?" The police officer says "Well," "It's a rectangular card. when you look at it, there is a picture of you on it." Then blonde says, "Oh! I think I have one of those!!!!!" So the blonde starts digging in her purse and FINALLY pulls out a mirror, thinking it's her driver's license, looks in it and says, "Yup this is it!!" She gives it to the blonde police woman and says, "Here ya go!!!" the police officer looks at it for a second and then says, "WHOAH!!!! If i would've known you were a police officer... I wouldn't have pulled you over!" The police officer said, "You have a good day now!!" and handed her her license back. The blonde, very confused by all this, said, "Yup you to," and drove off!!!!

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