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stupid blonde!

A lawyer and a blonde were on their way to washington. The lawyer noticed that the blonde was falling asleep so he asked her if she wanted to play a game. The blonde said no. He asked her a second a time and she said sure.

The blonde said, how do you play? The lawyer said I ask you a question and if you get it right I will pay you $10 and if you ask me a question and I get it right you give me $5. The blonde nodded her head.The lawyer says, what is 4+5-48483x923847? the blonde reached in her purse and handed the lawyer $5. The blonde asked the lawyer, what goes up a hill with 4 legs and comes down with 3? The lawyer reaches in his briefcase and hands her $10. The lawyer says, what was the answer to that question? The blonde reaches in her purse and hands the lawyer $5.

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